Our History

"Originating with a modest 2000 square-foot space, warehousing basic wall and floor combinations to meet builder and contractor specifications. We began to expand our product lines into large format, high-end porcelain and marble material including mosaics, thresholds, and quartz thresholds, alongside an extensive product line to meet every colour spectrum, size and price range. Today, CIF Distributors has extended its reach across the GTA supplying flooring retailers with porcelain, ceramic, encaustic, large format tiles, thresholds, and many other flooring related products. With our 50,000 square-foot warehousing space we have nearly 2 million square-feet of inventory on hand at all times, ready to serve our clients. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry and continue to build on this founding principle as we grow with our retailers.


What we stand for | 3 Core Principles

Exceptional Products and Pricing: At CIF Distributors we carefully select product lines that exceed our quality standards and purchase them in large quantities to guarantee us product exclusivity. Our market experts travel the world, visiting all major trade shows across Europe, the United States and even Asia. Factory and design facility visits are also done in order to be as hands on as possible and ensure the best quality items for our customers. This enables our company to import high quality material from all over the world and at the same time bring our clients incredible items that cannot be found anywhere else, at the best possible price.

Customer Experience and Fulfillment: The most important aspect to CIF Distributors is our customers. Building on the founding principles of our owners, our customers are truly the most imperative part of our operation. From our new online platform and customer portal to product samples and order fulfillment, our team works with our retailers side by side to ensure they have all the tools necessary to be successful. Our sales representatives and order desk will go above and beyond all of our competitors to ensure that your needs as a retailer are met. At CIF Distributors we are very proud to say we DO NOT sell to the public, we only distribute to other flooring retailers therefore there is no need to worry about price undercutting or competition.

Precise Growth: Canadian Imported Flooring Distributors is growing rapidly and continually implementing new elements of technology and design to simplify and increase the efficiency of our operation. Our first step was creating a state of the art website for retailers to view all product specifications and see our material on a larger scale. Our beautiful new showroom is currently under construction and will be available by appointment only, for retailers to come in and select samples very soon! Our three warehouses located strategically across the GTA enable our company to complete quick and precise deliveries daily. As our company grows we look forward to expanding our relationships and continuing business with our amazing retailers!